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Modane, a border town in the Alps

Caption : Modane nestled in the surrounding mountains Modane, a Savoyard town providing access to Italy, the Haute Maurienne and the Hautes Alpes, bears both mountain village and border town hallmarks.

Modane au coeur des montagnes - JPEG - 27.2 kb
Modane au coeur des montagnes

Italy is not far away as is reflected in our buildings’ colourful facades, wrought iron balconies and in the last names of many of Modane’s inhabitants. The summits surrounding the town rise to 3500 metres in height. The ibex, marmots and characterictics reminiscent of typical mountain towns leave no doubt that Modane is at the heart of Savoy’s highest valleys. Some figures : Altitude : Modane is at a height of 1054 m and the surrounding summits rise to 3560 m in height Area : 71,04 km² Population : 3495 inhabitants in 2010 Modane’s twin towns are Bardonecchia in Italy and Ohmden in Germany

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