Modane has always been an important major route along the Arc River through which some of history’s greatest names have travelled.

By 1857, Modane’s population had been multiplied by five over thirty years. The work on the Mont Cenis railway tunnel, from 1857 to 1871, completely changed the region’s economical status. Caption : The opening of the railway tunnel In 1860, the Savoy became French and Modane became a border town. Traditionally, Modane had always been a town through which people passed from France to Italy and vice versa but in 1860 it underwent a vast transformation based on its new status as a border town between two countries. Modane at the beginning of the 20th century is readily compared to a small town in the Far West Caption : A balcony in Modane bearing the date of 1860 During WWII, Modane was first occupied by the Italians and then the Germans. It was bombarded twice in 1943. During reconstruction of the town, economic activity was on the rise. Almost 1000 railway workers worked on Modane’s railways. As it has always been easy to access the Maurienne Valley, the Charmaix, one of Modane’s hamlets had already been used as a ski destination since the end of the 19th century. In 1969, Arrondaz, which would later become knows as Valfréjus, was opened. Caption : Arrondaz’s brochure The Vanoise National Park was created in 1963 In 1992, with the Single European Market Act and the opening of the borders between countries, Modane became recognised as an international holiday destination.

Traduction : Louanne Piccolo

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