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  • History

    Modane has always been an important major route along the Arc River through which some of history’s greatest names have travelled. By 1857, Modane’s population had been multiplied by five over thirty years. The work on the Mont (...)
  • Location

    Modane by car : A43 motorway, exit Modane. Secondary road 1006 From Italy : through the Fréjus Tunnel over the Mont Cenis mountain pass Modane by train : Modane International Railway Station (on the Paris-Rome line). (...)
  • Modane, a border town in the Alps

    Caption : Modane nestled in the surrounding mountains Modane, a Savoyard town providing access to Italy, the Haute Maurienne and the Hautes Alpes, bears both mountain village and border town hallmarks. (...)

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  • Plan de la ville
    Plan de la ville
  • Valfréjus
  • Urgence et pratique
    Urgence et pratique
  • Annuaires
  • Transports
  • Location de salles / matériel
    Location de salles / matériel
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  • Nouveaux Modanais
    Nouveaux Modanais
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